Magic Moments Cleaner is a very useful product to clean the tiles and joints has a unique disinfectant formula. It kills germs and give a sparkling to the follower resulting into the very fragrance in the air. It is specially formulated for all the types of tiles. It can be used for Washbasins, toilet sheets and ceramic bathroom fittings.

Introduction for Use :
Always test on hidden area before use to ensure compatibility with surface. Apply Magic Moments Tiles Cleaner liquid directly to the surface to be cleaned wipe around with cotton cloth or sponge and let it stand for one minute. Rub gently with Scotch Brite and wipe out (This liquid takes a time of five seconds to two minutes to clean depending upon the type of stain. Watch after every 5 to 15 seconds. Sometimes if left for more time the liquid may harm). Repeat as necessary after use sponge or cotton with water. 

If your tiles are vitrified or this type then for better result you have to contact sanitary shop for maintains tips chart. If your tiles are granular or the stain is not going use light sand paper (220 no. water proof) very lightly.

For Regular Use :

  • Mix one part Magic Moments Tiles Cleaner with two or three part of water.
  • Wash on the floor tiles or wall tiles with Magic Moments Tiles Cleaner. After two or three minutes wash the treated area thoroughly with plenty of water

Precautions for Use :

  • Keep out of the reach
  • Avoid direct sun
  • In case of eye contact, wash eyes throughly with if consumed then rinse mouth with water. In case of any problem, seek medical attention immediately and show the label to the doctor.
  • Do not mix with the other cleaner
  • Use rubber gloves while handling

Spl. Note :
Magic Moment is a harmful & acid base cleaner.. Only use on the ceramic products


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