Marble Washing Cleaner is a very useful product to clean the all types of marbles. It kill germs and give a sparkling to the floor resulting into the very fragrance in the year. It is meant to be used at homes, farms, hotels, Restaurants, office, shops, laboratories and hospitals.

Introduction for Use :

  • Marble Washing Cleaner rub gently with Scotch Brite and wipe
  • If your marble are granular or the stain is not going use light sand paper very
  • This liquid takes a time of 30 seconds to 3.

For Regular Use :

Mix one part of Marble Washing Cleaner with two or three parts of water. Wash on the floor or wall marble with marble Washing Cleaner.

Precautions for Use :

  • Keep out of reaching children. Avoid direct
  • Do not mix with the other
  • In case of eye contact, wash eyes thoroughly with.
  • In case of any problem, seek medical attention.


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