Epoxy Grout Premium SPR-3 Component will be suitable for Wall & Floor Tiles

Classification :

  • Epoxy Grout Premium SPR-3 Component is available in the mixture of  A+B+C (Part A – Resin , Part B – Hardner , Part C – Filler & Glitter)

Product Description :

EPOXY GROUT is a stainfree, color-fast, chemical resistant, 100% solid.
Epoxy Grout for ceramic tile, vitrified tile, marble & stone. Epoxy Grout is ideally suited for residential & commercial installations where materials must resist physical abuse, stains, spillage and chemical attack.


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Non-cracking or powdering
  • Water cleanable when fresh
  • Chemical and temp. resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Colour-fast


Kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, fountains, hospitals, operation theatres, sterilization rooms, restaurants, cafeterias, light industrial applications and high traffic areas.


Varies with tile size and grout width


Available in a range of more than 20 colours.

Packing :

1 Kg., 5 Kg., 10 Kg

Instruction for Use Epoxy Grout:

  • Before Epoxy Grouting, Remove Excess Adhesive & Dust from tile joints.
  • Clean the tile Surface with a Sponge or cotton cloth to remove dift, dust
    Adhesive & Stain.
  • Pour the contents of  (Part-A) Resin & (Part-B) hardner, (Part-C) filler and Glitter.
  • Mix (Part-A) , (Part-B) , (Part-C)  and glitter throughly for 1 minute using a margin trawel and Mix. Add remainder slowly.
  • If required to achieve desired consistency.
  • Fill the tile joint with the Epoxy Grout.
  • Check the joints to Harden (30-50 minutes) & begin initial clean up.
    Power plenty of clean water on the joints & rub with a scrub pad in circular motion.
  • Draw a clean, wet cotton cloth across the tile surface to remove residue.
  • Repeat as necessary by rinsing the cotton
    frequency in a pail of clean water until the oily felling has gone.
  • Change water frequently.
  • Finaly clean the tiles surface with water & Soap solution after 12-24 Hours or grouting to remove Epoxy haze.


Epoxy Grout rub on the tiles and ceromic products by magic moments tile cleaner or soap solution with scotch brite & cotton cloth.


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